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Evolve Series

A science is meant to grow. We are building on already existing knowledge of Materia Medica, Repertory and the knowledge derived from provings.

We are trying to evolve through an approach based on a system rather than on symptoms.

Dr. Rajan Sankaran’s work on the Sensation Method and it’s seven levels have opened avenues to work at very deep levels of our “Being.”

Scholten has initiated this perception with his pioneering work on the periodic table. We can work on Minerals using his ideas. Michal Yakir, Dr. Mahesh Gandhi has subsequently added plant and animal chart subsequently.

The course is designed to understand the individual approach using the charts and the concepts on which they are based on.

Evolve Series Introduction

Evolve Series

Evolve Level 1

Evolve Series

Evolve Level 2

Evolve Series

When we connect to our deepest pain, be it in a disease symptom or dealing with a difficult situation in our life, we experience certain “Sensations”. When we are mindful of these sensations, we enter a Space, where beautiful healing occurs.

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