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The Anahata Healing Foundation is a venture of Dr Meeta Nihlani , a Classical Homeopath, who has been practising Homeopathy since 1991 as Kanwar Aastha Homeo Clinic. She is a Fellow of Homeopathhic Psychiatry and counselling.

Homeopathy is a gentle, complete system of natural medicine. Patients are treated as a whole – physically, mentally and emotionally – not just for the medical complaint they present with. Homeopaths observe that homeopathic medicine appears to stimulate the individual’s natural ability to self heal and reduce the intensity of their symptoms.

Sensation Method in Homeopathy which has has opened many portals of healing . The Sensation Approach is based on the premise that deep inside each individual, is a specific and distinct energy that shapes who we are – our likes and dislikes, the way we think, act and feel, and finally our illnesses. This energy pattern is called ‘the other song’. ‘the other song’ defines our state of being. It determines our perception and response to the world and forms an essential part of our individuality. ‘the other song’ manifests as a core inner sensation which is specific to each individual. Our personalities, life patterns, underlying factors behind stress, physical problems and symptoms are all expressions of this core inner sensation.


Healing this sensation heals us not only at physical, mental and emotional level, this helps to bloom a patients “ Persona”.It Revitalizes the person , heals the relationships , the financial quotient as the perceptions are altered.

Deepening the quest of healing has made her integrate various healing modalities such as Meditation,Pranic Healing and Quantum healing . Homeopathic Case Witnessing Process helps to unveil , to unfold your uniqueness , Your innate Energy Signature. This has given birth to The Anahata Healing Foundation , a venture where she conduct free meditation sessions and workshops in various dimensions of healing.

Dr Meeta Nihlani & Aastha Nihlani

She has got success in less ventured areas with Homeopathy in autoimmune cases such as Rheumatoid Arthritis and Thyroid issues , Poly cystic ovaries , Infertility and many psychiatric ailments like depression , Bi polar disorder ,Obsessive compulsive disorder. Peadiatric Attention Deficit problems and Autism are also dealt with with substantial success and even addictions. Autism and addiction are also successfully treated.

Vision and Mission of The Anahata Healing Foundation

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