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Healing may be operationally defined as the personal experience of the transcendence of suffering. The process of healing is a process of becoming whole again.

We become whole again because each of us entered life whole, free of judgement, negative thought patterns, and ego. Our life circumstances and choices condition our suffering. We can unpack them and return to wholeness.

Wholeness comes from integrating your whole life—mind, spirit and body. Integrating your whole life means making healing the intention of your every choice— how you treat your body, yourself, and others.

In the body, wholeness comes from honouring the body as a temple of mind ,body and spirit..

Exercise, likewise, is to fully be in the body, transcending the endless monologue of the mind, what Eckhart Tolle calls the “mind-made me.” Exercise is about using movement and breath to release suffering stored as tension in parts of the body. Exercise builds strength and flexibility to how we are, rather than simply to how we look or feel, because we are so much more than our appearance or our emotions. Food also makes us who we are. We have to be in tune with our body as to what we should eat.

In the spirit, wholeness comes from reverence for the essential impulse to live and to be, which we share with all living beings.

Spirituality is the mindset of moving through life as a compassionate witness. It is the process of accepting whatever shows up with neutrality, love, kindness, and curiosity. It is the process of becoming aware of what comes up with difficult feelings — judgement, anxiety, fear, anger, jealousy, shame, guilt — and asking what it comes to teach.

Spiritual practice reminds us of our essential divinity, power, and grace — as well as our humanity, fallibility, and insignificance. We value ourselves, as unique as our fingerprints and the mark they are intended to leave. Yet we also cede control to the ever-changing flow of life.

In the mind, wholeness comes from emptiness.

When we are whole, we recognise that we are not our thoughts, but a vessel-being through which they pass. They bring us information, and choices. But they are not us. We are the one observing our thoughts. This awareness comes from silence.

In how we treat others, wholeness comes when our being is in Love. It is not small love ,infatuation, but in a state of wonder, awe and acceptance that is similar to being in romantic love , The capital L ,Love . In this case, our state of love is with all beings, whether they are friends or strangers, whether they treat us kindly or poorly. Loving is the act of listening, seeking to understand, not knowing, not judging, and loving yourself to better love others. Love is inquiring whenever we become conscious of bias or judgement — who or what does it belong to? (childhood, parents, society) — what is it here to teach me?Love regularly says, “I love you,” “Thank you,” “I’m sorry,” and “I forgive you.”

Wholeness comes from becoming aware of and discharging the negative emotions of old thought patterns and memories.

Wholeness comes when there are no resentments or regrets for the past, only appreciation. When you have completely forgiven your parents. When you have forgiven everyone who has ever hurt you — the boyfriend who dumped you, the bully who teased you, the sibling who rivaled you, the friend who betrayed you, the boss who fired you, the investment that failed you.

Becoming whole is a life-long process, because each day accrues new experiences that may trigger old feelings or memories. Every day is a new opportunity to heal.

Wholeness is owning our own power and responsibility. It is recognizing that every day, in every moment, we have a choice. At the same time, it is recognizing that we are not in control. It is living in responsive awareness. For so many illnesses, we are racing for a cure. Instead, we should be racing to be healed.

This the reason we need Holistic Integrative Techniques to Heal in cases where the trauma is deep along with Homeopathy. The Auto Immune Disorders ,The Cancers and various deep pathologies call for the intervention with the healing techniques for profound cures. Dr Meeta Nihlani The Techniques used are Healing Love Modality , Golden Diamond Attunement , Quantum techniques like “ Two Point Technique “. She has been mentored by Narmada Akshat Pratap Singh for these profound techniques. Fons Vanderleyden has laid the foundation for the matrix sessions.

The most important tool in healing is Meditation. That is the process of Being Aware of whatever Is !Meditation is the process which connects to the moment pf Now through the Breath. Many Breath Techniques open portals of healing. These are incorporated as tools of healing at The Anahata Healing Foundation.


Energy Healing

A form of complementary and alternative medicine based on the belief that a vital energy flows through the human body. The goal of energy healing is to balance the energy flow in the patient. It is used to reduce stress and anxiety and promote well-being. Energy healing is being studied in patients receiving cancer therapy, to find out if it can improve quality of life, boost the immune system, or reduce side effects. Also called energy therapy.

Touch of Matrix

Touch of Matrix creates a solid connection to your hard drive, which we call your True Self. Your brain is switched off and you will experience an Emptiness, which is very important in this method. By having a solid connection, your operating system will work entirely independently.

In a very short amount of time, blockages or old themes can be removed from your hard drive in an easy way, which will make you become more balanced – physically as well as emotionally and mentally.

You will be amazed at what your system can do when your brain is not in play.


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