Mindhunter by Aastha Nihlani

So I recently watched a series recommended by a fried of mine. It is about criminal psychology by one of the best directors ever- David Fincher. 

Catching a criminal requires the authorities to get inside the villain’s mind to figure out how he thinks. That’s what FBI agents Holden Ford and Bill Tench have been doing. They attempt to understand and catch killers by studying their damaged psyche. The agents pioneer the development of modern serial-killer profiling. This could contain spoilers. Read at your own risks😜

I was literally taken aback, seeing how the psyche of the criminals work. It was like they had no guilt. They were asked if they still visit the crime scenes later on. The criminals said that they most definitely do. But. It is not out of guilt, it is to “relive” those moments. One of them even said that they “rolled down” just like the ones he murdered did, to feel what they must’ve felt then. 

They talk about how our childhoods shape our personalities as we grow further. Most of them had an abused childhood. The relationships with our primary groups- our family, teachers and peer groups have a major impact on the rest of our lives. But yet again, we need to take back that control and work on ourselves as we grow up w/o blaming it on them. Because even they are the victims of their own dysfunctional patterns.

The criminals had no guilt. They didnt feel like they’ve gone wrong anywhere. They tried portraying to the agents that they themselves are the “victims”. 

They considered their acts so casually, it’s astonishing. In one of the episodes, one of them went to rape and murder a girl. He didnt even feel the need to follow her activities to see what her routine looks like. He just randomly goes to her room one day. There were like 7-8 girls?! He raped one of them and killed all of them but one who had opened the door. He was asked that even though he was, he was able to tackle all of them, why did he leave one alive. He said that he didn’t know if anyone was left as she hid under the bed. He said after killing a few, he just “lost count on them.”

So that’s a little of what I learnt from the series . 

Here are a few lines that absolutely intrigued me:

•Every interaction is violence. It’s just a matter of scale- how much of something do we want to feel. 

•All of us have some sickening personal signatures. 

•The serial killer’s been having one sided conversation. We need to respond. 

The criminals have wounded signatures. To an extent, we all do.

I hope y’all realise how much underrated this series and give it a go. ♥️