Emotional Wellness

Emotional wellness is the ability to successfully handle life’s stresses and adapt to change and difficult timesEmotional wellness, which is also known as emotional health or emotional wellbeing, is a person’s ability to handle their emotions and the varied experiences they encounter in life. the national center for emotional wellness defines emotional wellness as “an awareness, understanding and acceptance of our feelings, and our ability to manage effectively through challenges and change.” This is the time of change ! We are all forced to change!! We are being ebbed to listen to our own inner calling. Its a time to deal with the world differently ! Emotional wellness includes tuning in to our inner selves , giving more time to ourselves , identifying our stressors /triggers . It is important to be bein sync with our emotions. Emotions are energy in motions.we have to learn to channel this energy wisely. We have to learn to live with authenticity , owning and embracing the “ shadow’ , the darkness !!! rather than putting everything under the carpet on the premise of false positivity.

This is the platform born in midst of this shift !!

We as a team #evolve are here to assist you through homeopathy, counselling , lifestyle changes, pranic diet , yoga and meditation.Its all a holistic approach to life itself !

If you aren’t able to deal with your emotions well, it’s difficult to deal with those of others. The state of emotional wellness impacts our relationships whether they are personal or professional. In order to best connect with and relate to others, the more emotionally healthy we are, the more support and care we can offer those we love and respect.

Whether you’re decades into your chosen career or still deciding what you want to do in your life, your ability to handle situations as they arise is vital to your success. Knowing how you feel, dealing with your emotions, and being able to move forward from challenges with a positive mindset all lead to better outcomes in your scholastic and professional life.

Mental Health
This may seem obvious, but your emotional health is a big part of your overall mental health and wellness. While that fact is true for everyone, for those who face mental health challenges and conditions it can be even more impactful. As you learn about how to deal with your own mental health challenges, you’ll be most successful in navigating them if you are in touch with, and able to deal with, your feelings and emotions.

How to Optimize Your Emotional Wellness
Now that you understand how important emotional wellness is to a healthy life, you’re probably wondering if there is anything specific you can do so that your own emotional health is at its best. There are ample of simple activities that can promote emotional wellbeing. These are just few of the tools one can use on his own safely.

Practice Mindfulness
Mindfulness is about being present in the moment. Rather than living in autopilot, mindfulness encourages us to really take part in our lives, and it can improve both physical and emotional wellbeing. You can practice mindfulness doing everything from walking to eating. Even an exercise to eat a chocolate, experiencing it fully with five senses grounds one to the moment relishing the richness of the life which the present moment has to offer.

Connect and Communicate With Others
There’s no need to go through this journey alone! Emotional wellness is about being connected to and able to deal with your own emotions, but so much of our emotional lives are lived with those we know and love. Make a point of intentionally talking about your feelings with others, which can lead to you understanding them. Ask others about their feelings, so that you have the opportunity to experience different perspectives.

Manage Stress
Managing stress is key to staying emotionally and physically healthy. When starting a stress management practice, try different activities to see which fit you best and make you feel happier. You can do a simple meditation with the help of a YouTube video or an app, go for a walk, take a bath, or practice deep breathing.

Take Care of Your Physical temple
We often think of our physical and emotional selves separately, but as you have seen here, the two are highly connected. By improving your physical wellness, you’ll see benefits emotionally, too.Your body is a temple of your soul.Treat it with reverence.

Performing activities that increase your endorphins, which are one of the feel-good chemicals our bodies produce, is an easy way to increase your emotional wellness. Endorphins can be increased through everything from dancing to laughing.

Work Towards a Balanced Life
Work-life balance is something we talk about a lot as a society. That’s because people started noticing that when they worked too much, they didn’t have time for personal relationships, relaxation, or fun.

In order to be at your best emotionally, you’ll want to cultivate a balance between work and play. Setting aside designated time to do recreational activities and creating firm boundaries around work hours are two simple ways to help improve this balance.

Invest in Sleep
Your sleep habits and behaviors are known as sleep hygiene. The better you sleep, the better your chances of feeling good when you’re awake. Improve your sleep hygiene through practices such as a designated bedtime, limiting caffeine later in the day, and not overeating before bed and also reducing your screen time before sleep.

Each of these changes may seem like an insignificant step alone, but when put all together you may find yourself noticing big improvements. Emotional wellness is important to a healthy life, and using one or more of these easy tools can set you on a path to improving yours.

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